You may have received amounts that aren’t subject to tax, so they aren’t included as part of your assessable income, but they may be used in other calculations on your tax return. These types of income divided into the following categories:

Exempt Income:

You do not need to pay tax on exempt income but it may be used for other calculations. Exempt income includes:

  • Certain Government pensions
  • Certain Government allowances i.e. carer allowance
  • Some scholarships, grants & awards
Non Assessable, non-exempt income:

You do not need to pay tax on Non assessable, non-exempt income but it may be used for other calculations. Non assessable, non-exempt income includes:

  • the tax-free component of an employment termination payment (ETP)
  • genuine redundancy payments and early retirement scheme payments shown as ‘Lump sum D’ amounts on your payment summary
  • super co-contributions.

Generally, you do not have the declare the following:

  • Small gifts & rewards i.e. birthday presents
  • Prizes won in ordinary lotteries
  • Prizes won on game shows
  • Child supports payments

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